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October 11, 2012
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America x Reader Drive By

Alfred's POV

*ring**ring*   *ring**ring*

I frowned, eyes closed, "five more minutes." After the ringing stopped, I relaxed a little.

*ring**ring*  *ring**ring*

The stupid National Anthem of Britain blasted through the speakers of my cell phone again. I opened my eyes and glared in its direction on the dresser from the other side of the room.

Arthur had changed it from the song I set it to for him, "If You Were Gay." I didn't mean any harm by it, just some dry comedy and trying to support him and his boyfriend from Japan.  

Good thing about Arthur, he knows how to take a joke…NOT!

I threw the covers off, "I'm up, I'm up," the song started again. With a groan, I got up and angrily shuffled over and picked up my cell- I had half a mind to throw it out the window, but a McDonald's employee salary wouldn't pay to fix either of those damages.

So, I just answered it instead, "Sup, Iggy?"

I knew that nickname irked the hell out of him, but I got away with it because we've known each other since practically forever.

"Alfred! Do you have any idea what time it is?!" After the Jerky Limey deafened me momentarily, he added through gritted teeth, "And don't call me that."

I stuck my pinky in my ear to check for blood from his shrill whining, then nonchalantly directed my gaze to the alarm clock that never wakes me up on time for anything, "Yeah, it's…2:00pm. Why would you call me to ask the time, Igg? Lose your watch or something?"

"If I wanted to check the time, I would have looked at my cell phone instead of calling YOU, you git! Weren't you supposed to do SOMETHING today?"

"Huh? What'chu talking bout, Willis?" Iggy knows that freaking love Different Strokes, I watch reruns on sundays when there's nothing to do.

I glanced at the calendar, "It's Saturday! Why would I do anything but try to sleep all day? It's not like I had anywhere to go-"  

I paused. I just remembered that I had promised the gang that I would go with them to the amusement park today at noon…I was 2 hours late. Shit.

I wasn't worried about the others hassling me, it was Arthur- I kinda promised that I would go to help him out on his date. Yes, the Single Guy in the group was signed up to help his best friend with his boyfriend, Kiku.

Okay, Yao is single, too, but Im Yong has totally been dropping hints, but almost everyone else in our group is in a relationship. But back to Arthur and Kiku.  

For some reason, they were really shy with each other, but the Japanese boy would open up a little more when I'm around- I guess Americans are contagious, or the Japanese are easily persuaded, ha.

"Hello?! Al?! You still there, Alfred?!" Iggy interrupted my thoughts.

"Yeah, sorry, dude. I totally forgot about Coney Island today. I got in late last night after work," it was the truth, I love my job- sometimes –but my boss can be seriously whack. He gives me crazy hours and I think he cheats me on my salary, but I don't feel like pissing him off by picking a fight.

"Oh," Arthur's voice had lost its edge and was replaced with a slightly more understanding one, "well, I guess that's not your fault. Are you still up for coming to Coney today? You don't have to-"

"No, no. I promised I'd be there, so I'll go. Just let me get ready and I'll be on my way."

"Okay. See you in a bit, Mate."

"Later, Iggy."


I cut him off by closing my cell, then tossed it onto my bed. I rummaged through my closet and grabbed some jeans and sandals. I looked for a shirt, but none of them seemed right for today, until one caught my eye from the bottom of it. I recognized it immediately. It was my favorite navy blue t-shirt with the Captain America logo on the front.  

It looked lonely on the floor, so I picked it up and put it on, 'I know how you feel, buddy.'

Yes, I have mental one-sided conversations with things, if Iggy can do that with his "friends," why can't I talk to my clothes? Okay, I don't normally do that, but this shirt is special to me.

Because you gave it to me before you left New York.

You said 'it suited me, because I stand for everything America's about- the bad and the good. But mostly the good.'   

How long has it been since you left? I lost track after a year, but it feels like an eternity. I guess it doesn't matter, I've been sulking everyday anyway.

I put on a cheery front for everyone, they all know it's fake, but they humor me. And I appreciate them for that.

Francis tried to set me up on a ton of dates, the ones he hadn't slept with, but I wasn't into them- they weren't you. Not even close.

That beautiful face with shinning <h/c> hair and those striking <e/c> eyes on top of an equally stunning body. But your looks weren't all that set you apart from the crowd. You're smart, funny, witty, righteous, awesome- I could go on and on.

I miss you so much, my heart aches for you.

But it's my fault you left, I know that.  

I wanted to tell you how I felt the night when you told me your feelings. Man, did that that take me by surprise. I remember that day perfectly, because I relive it in my dreams every night.

Standing on my back porch, drenched from the rain, I told you to come inside and dry off so you wouldn't catch a cold. But before I could go back inside for a towel, you grabbed my wrist. I turned around and looked at you, curiously.


"…" you muttered so low I couldn't hear you.


"I said, 'I love you.'"

I stood there, almost not comprehending the words that came from your mouth.

"I always have, Alfred, I love everything about you. I couldn't gather the courage, but I wanted you to know," your lips were set in a straight line and were turning blue from the combination of the rain and the cold air.

I said nothing and you eventually let go of me. Without a word, I walked inside, grabbed a towel and an umbrella, then came back to the front door. I handed them to you and whispered, "I'm sorry," and slammed the door shut.

I waited five minutes before I heard wet footsteps walk away. I slumped against the door, hating myself for not being honest.

What I wouldn't give for you to come back or just to see you for one day. So I can tell you what an a-hole I am and beg for forgiveness that I don't deserve.     

And I even tried to get you back- since I didn't know where you went at first, I checked everywhere: your house, the park, McDonalds, your sister's place, all of our friends' houses, and anywhere else I thought you might be.

I didn't give up after I heard you left.  

I made a channel on YouTube where I posted videos I made about how I like you. I sang cheesy love ballads, I talked to the camera as I would talk to you, and a bunch of other crazy stuff.

Almost all of them went viral, I got tons of views, subscibers, likes- everyone was rooting for me and shared like crazy. I even got a ton of fangirls, who write "I love you, Al" or "marry me" on their comments.  

It was nice, but I waited for one comment or reply from someone in particular.

But I ever got a reply from you. I never thought I would and I don't blame you. I royally f***ed up.

As I finished another round of 'Beat the Crap out of Myself Mentally,' I finished getting ready. I grabbed my bag, that I filled with things I'd need, and my cell,  wallet, and my keys. I decided that since I don't live that far from Coney Island, I could skip eating here and just buy something over there since I'm already ubber-late.

I locked the door and started walking. It was a little hot today, but no way I would go back and change my shirt- I love it too much. I wear it every week.

I made it to the intersection before getting the boardwalk with all the shops. I looked at the light on the other side, waiting for the little white man on the sign to light up. Man, it was slow and there were a bunch of people around here, probably because summer had just started.

I looked from the people on the same side as me, or I tried, because I was getting a little squished. I sucked in my stomach and made a break for it.  

I broke free just in time to hear the sound that meant that it was time to cross the street. I was about to step onto the road when I looked up at the people in front on the other side so I could dodge them if I needed to.  

I looked between an older fellow and another guy with a bandana and a bunch of tattoos on his beefy arms, and saw a familiar sight. I was so shocked, I froze.  

There you were, right there on the other side of the street. Or someone that looked exactly like you.

You were just standing there next to the mob getting ready to cross the street, looking lost for a second, but it looked like you realized that you needed to go the other way. So, you got out of the crowd, turned the corner, and kept walking.   

It felt so surreal, almost like dèjá vu. The first time you had come to New York, you did the exact same thing, at this very intersection. I remember- that was the day we met.

'But what are you doing here?' I wondered, because I heard from Arthur that you had moved down to L.A. or some place in New Mexico- aw, I don't remember the exact place! But I knew wherever you move to, you went there to get away from me.  

It was like time slowed down. I didn't notice, but my feet made the decision for me and took off. I weaved in and out of the cars. The drivers honked their horns and yelled obscenities at me, but I didn't care. I had to see.

I had to make sure it was you.
First part of the America x Reader request for :iconchibime87:

Thank you for always reading my stories and showing me nothing but support since the beginning, Chibi!

And Thank YOU everyone- I appreciate everyone who takes time to read my fanfics, fave them, and/or Watch me. ;A; I feel so happy when I can make my readers laugh, smile, or whatever I make you feel (unless it's bad)

//edit//: P.S. the part about the japanese is just a joke from the series and I do not think the British Anthem is stupid, I was just writing what I think Alfred's take on it would be, JSYO ;A;

Chapter 1: You are here~
Chapter 2: [link]
Chapter 3: [link]

I don't own America, Hetalia, any of the references, "Drive By" by Train, or the image above.

I just own the plot~

Here is the song :iconchibime87: based their request on: [link]

Caution: Standing too close to America after eating a burger may cause the side effect of an
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