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Chapter 2


You rushed over to the table in the back. The table was almost over-crowded with empty
plates and glasses. Three guys sat there, smiling and laughing.

The guy with white-ish, silver-ish hair sat as wide as possible, legs apart and leaning back, his red eyes gleamed with a hint of mischievousness in them.

The blonde man oozed elegance as he smiled, almost knowingly, and gingerly sipped his drink. He crossed his legs, his blue eyes could be compared to an ocean.
The last man had brown hair and a tanned complexion. His green eyes and smile were of a childish nature, and he rested his head on his palms.

You came up to the table and they turned their attention to you, "Yes?"
"Another round!" they chorused, lifting their glasses, then chugging the rest of the liquor in them.

"Yes, of course," you smiled politely. You picked up the dirty dishes and walked away, ignoring their stares. You tugged at the bottom of your uniform, which was a short red Chinese dress, outlined with gold to match the theme of the restaurant.

The door swished, you stepped sideways to avoid another waitress and entered the kitchen. The kitchen was bustling with activity, chefs were scrambling to cook a bunch of different courses.

Your eyes focused on Yao, who was dishing out orders left and right, while also preparing meals, too. He stirred a big pot with steam rising from it, then he dipped a ladle in and blew on the stew before sampling it.

He frowned, grabbing a bowl nearby, he added a pinch of spice then resampled it. A small smile appeared on his face, he grabbed three more bowls and ladled the stew into them and set them on the tray of a waiter who appeared out of nowhere. The waiter left, rushing through the swaying door with his tray balancing effortlessly.

A smile arose on your own face as you watched Yao wipe some sweat from his forehead. He noticed you over there and smiled. You were so distracted by the Chinese man, you weren't watching where you were going.

"Hey, watch it!"

You turned in time to dodge running into a waitress carrying a tray in each arm. "Sorry," you apologized, she scowled and kept walking. You blushed and avoided Yao's concerned gaze. You placed the dishes in sink and rushed out of the kitchen.

You walked over the bar, sighing as you placed three more drinks on your tray. The bartender gave you a sympathetic smile. It was their fourth round of drinks, and the trio was becoming more rowdy by the second. But customers were customers.

You reluctantly made your way back to the table and placed the drinks in front of the trio. Smiling, you said, "Enjoy."

Before you could get away, you felt a tug on your wrist. You yelped, your whole body was being yanked backwards. When you opened your eyes you looked around, you saw that you were sitting.

"Where are you going, libeling? The party is just getting started," you looked over your shoulder, there was the albino. You blushed, realizing he had pulled you onto his lap and the other two had scooted closer, surrounding you. They had trapped you between them and the table.

"That's right, cher. My, my, this dress looks very good on you," the Frenchman's accent came out smooth and husky. But his breath reeked of alcohol.
"Si, senorita, you should join us. Have a drink," the Spaniard offered lifted one of the drinks you just brought to your face.

Squirming, you tried to break free from the German's grasp, "I'm sorry, sirs. This is not the kind of thing we condone in a family rated environment."

They shared a laugh. You gasped again, feeling their hands start to wander.

You looked around to see the remaining customers watching the scene unfold. Tears blurred your vision, it was really embarrassing to be felt up by strangers.

"Please! Stop it!!!"you shouted and closed your eyes, tightly.

"Isn't your job supposed to be to PLEASE the customer? You've done good so far, but how can we give you a tip if you don't exceed our expectations?" you could feel the sneer in his voice.

"What the hell is going on here?!?!" The four of you turned, Yao stood there, arms crossed with a ladle in one hand.

He took in the situation eying the trio until he saw you, teary-eyed, in the middle of it all. You couldn't tell at first, but the throbbing vein showing from his temple said he had snapped.

It all happened so fast, you didn't really see what happened- one minute you were on the albino's lap, the next you were in Yao's protective arms and the trio was in a pile on the floor, unconscious.

Yao set you down, then proceeded to toss the three out and telling them never to come back. Then he rushed to your side, picked you up, and carried you to your room. He placed you on your bed and started checking you for injury.

He was boiling with anger from seeing you in the arms of that man. And your uniform was disheveled from where they were feeling you up. You saw his eyes change with different emotions you couldn't recognize. He knelt in front of the bed, placing a hand on your shoulder, "are you okay?"

You weren't feeling so bad that other people saw you in that situation anymore- just ashamed that Yao had seen you like that.

"I'm sorry," you muttered. Your bangs covered your face and the tears fell freely.
Feeling his arms around you, you cried a little harder.

"I know it was not your fault. I'm just sorry that happened," you clung to him.

After a while, he pulled back and wiped your tears away, "Okay, so your first week wasn't what you expected," Yao lifted your chin to look at him, his eyes soften, "but you are trying, that's all I can really ask of you. But you'll get the hang out it, I have faith in you."

He leaned forward and pressed his lips to your forehead. When he pulled back, he smiled at the pink flush tinting your cheeks.

He told you to rest and left you to your thoughts. You just felt so warm and safe when you were with Yao. You thanked the stars above that you were blessed to be living in such a wonderful place. With that final thought, your eyes closed shut and you fell asleep.


A few months later…

You had gotten better at waitressing and handling customers like the ones you dealt with your first week. You had come so far that you got promoted to helping more in the kitchen. And Yao was teaching you how to cook.

"You're doing great!" Yao exclaimed as he coached you.

You were chopping more water chestnuts for water chestnut cake. You had messed up the first two attempts, but you refused to quit. Concentrating on the task at hand, you weren't paying full attention to what you were doing.

"Ow!" you nicked your finger, small beads of blood dripped from it. Yao noticed and grasped your hand, pulling it toward his face and sucked on it gently until the bleeding stopped.

The way his tongue brushed against your skin sent tingles throughout your body and you shuddered. He froze when you let out a small breathy moan. You froze, too, when you realized he stopped.

You both blushed, but didn't pull away. Yao stood up straight and looking into your (eye color) eyes. He leaned forward and said, "Um…I've been meaning to ask you…Since we have the night off, would you go with me to the festival tonight?"

You leaned forward to and said, "Sure, I'd love to."

Before your lips could meet, one of the waiters that always arrived early before work starts came into the room.

Both of you pulled back to arms-length apart. "I'm sorry!" They coughed and went back through the door.

Yao released you and scratched his cheek, "great… so, tonight."

You smiled, "yeah…tonight…"

You went about the rest of your day, excited about going to the festival with Yao. '…is this a…date?' you thought to yourself while getting ready.


That Night…

After closing the bedroom door, you looked toward the stairs- Yao was at the bottom, adjusting his top. He stopped when you walked over.

"Wow, you look beautiful, Princess," you blushed. Yao hadn't stopped calling you that. When you asked him why, he said he wasn't sure why, but it just felt right.

It was the same when you called him Niulang. You asked him what it meant, you apologized when he told you it meant "cowherd." But he didn't mind at all, since you didn't mind him calling you 'Princess.'    

You were wearing a lovely silk dress with a lotus pattern with slits at the legs. Yao wore a blue top with red outlines, red bead necklace, golden pants and shoes with a red hat.

"You look amazing, too, Niulang," he smiled at the compliment.

"Shall we?" he offered his arm, which you accepted with a smile.

The good thing was that the festival was in the middle of town, which was very close to the restaurant. So, at least you didn't have far to walk.   

Once you arrived at the festival, you looked every which way, it was so colorful and bright. Your heart was pounding and your eyes were wide from the excitement, "WOW!!"

Yao chuckled, "wait until you see the play."


He nodded, "Yes. Every year, they perform a play about a popular legend of the Pri-"

"Hey, you two!"

You both turned to the voice, in-between a food vendor and merchant awnings was a tent. In the opening of the tent stood a blond man with green eyes peering at you and Yao. He motioned for you two to come closer.

You hesitated, but walked over.

The man held the flap open wider and you stepped inside, wondering what this could lead to. Inside there was a round table with five chairs around it, two of the seats were filled. Another man with blonde hair sat on the other side, watching you with his deep blue eyes. The other man sitting had strawberry blonde hair and red eyes, with an oddly sharp tooth sticking out between his lips.  

"Please sit," the man with red eyes said.

You and Yao sat across from the trio. For a moment, you two watched them staring at you.
The man with the blue eyes spoke, softly, "your auras are very strong."

"Auras?" Yao repeated.

"Yeah, auras. I'm Vlad, by the way," the man with red eyes grinned.

"I'm Arthur," the man with green eyes said with his British accent, "and that's Lukas.
You see, the three of us are fortune tellers and makers of magic. It may seem hard to
believe, but it is true."

"All three of you?"  you questioned. They nodded simultaneously.

"Lukas tells fortunes relating to the past, present, and future," Arthur said, "and I handle charms, spells, and magic."

"And I tell fortunes about love and relationships," Vlad smiled, his visible tooth shining.

"Okay, but why did you call us in here. Just to tell us that?" Yao watched them suspiciously.

"Not just that. When you walked by, we each felt a big burst of energy. Another talent we possess is reading people and their auras," Arthur added.

"Look, I believe in fortune telling, but this seems a little suspicious, I think it's time we leave, ____." Yao took your hand to help you up.

"…a princess…"

You both looked at Lukas, he was staring right at you, pointing. Then he pointed to Yao, "…and a Cowherd…"

You and Yao looked at each other and sat back down. The other fortune tellers smiled.

"Glad you'll hear us out," Vlad said.

"I think you'll be surprised at what you're going to find out," Arthur said. You held your breath and waited for what this trio had to say.
Chapter 2 in the request for :iconichigo-vainamoinen:

Sorry it's taking me so long! I have to do these all at school and it's not the best process.

Yay for BBT and Magic Trio in the same fic~

Chapter 1: [link]
Chapter 2:You are Here~
Chapter 3 (Lemon): [link]

I don't own China, BBT, Magic Trio, or Hetalia.

All I own is the plot and my other plots and my craving for a burrito

Aru Aru~!
The lemon will be coming soon!
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