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September 24, 2012
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China x Reader The Double Love Festival

"Big Bro Yao, how did you get ____ to fall in love with you?!" a nine year old Im Yong Soo burst into the room and jumped onto Yao's lap.

"Oof!" Yao fell back on the couch. He groaned while he sat up, "Im Yong! How many times do I have to tell you not to jump on people! Now what's all this about?"

"Kaoru, Kiku, and Mei told me different stories about how you two fell in love, but I want to hear the truth from you!"

You giggled as you watched Yao try to handle his younger brother, "so, what did they tell you exactly?"

The child turned to you, still on his brother's lap, "Mei told me you were a princess locked in a huge castle guarded by dragons and that Yao fought them and saved you! And Kiku told me Big Bro used magic on you. And Kaoru said he made you the best plate of noodles in the world and that's what made you like him!"

You laughed at Yao's awestricken expression, "Wow, Yao, you did all that?"

"This is what you do in the time you should be studying? Mom and dad are going to kill me when they get back if you all get bad grades!" Yao scolded.

"Nuh-uh! We finished our homework, then we were drawing pictures in Kaoru's room and I asked Mei what she was drawing and she told me it was you and ____. It had a bunch of mushy red and pink hearts on it. Then I asked them how ___ ever fell for you in the first place!" Im Yong laughed and Yao pinched his cheeks with a scowl.

You held your tummy from laughing so hard, when you calmed down you said, "hey Yao, why don't you tell him the story?"

Yao smiled, "Okay, but first the others have to come out of their hiding spots."

Suddenly, Kiku, Mei, and Kaoru fell on top of each other from the hallway. "Aw, how did you know?" Mei asked. Then they raced over.

Im Yong had moved onto the floor, laying on his stomach and his head resting on his hands. Kaoru sat next to him, crisscross. Kiku sat on Yao's left leg and Mei sat on his right.

"Okay…" Yao looked around at his younger siblings and grinned, "two years ago, ____ had just come to China for the first time…"

Two Years Ago…

You couldn't believe you were in China. You had been saving for three years, not going out partying with your friends, because you wanted to visit this place your whole life.

The first time you saw it on a map, you were inexplicably drawn to it. You read up on its history and culture and the pictures you saw were to die for. Everything looked so exquisite and beautiful.

Now, you were finally here and you were going to enjoy yourself.

Or, at least, that was the idea. However, you kept running into obstacles. The apartment complex that you were planning on staying at had rented your room to a young couple that could pay twice the price you had discussed with the landlord. She had turned you away before you even got inside.

Pissed off, you tried to find another, but they were either in horrible neighborhoods or way out of your price range. You decided to grab a bite to eat before trying again, but on your way to find one, someone bumped into you knocking you over.

Someone else helped you up and you muttered a "thank you." They nodded and continued on their way. You grumbled about the person who bumped into you and how rude some people could be.

When you saw the restaurant, you reached into your bag for your wallet. You didn't feel it, so you sat down on the bench outside and rummaged through it. When you still couldn't find it 20 minutes later, you knew it was gone.

"It must have been that person who bumped into me…"

You were just about ready to cry. This day and this trip were officially ruined. To make things worse it, you were hungry, moneyless, and alone in a foreign country, where you only knew enough of the language to get by.

Thirty minutes passed and you still sat outside the restaurant, your head in your hands. Suddenly, the door to the building swung open, and you heard footsteps. They stopped beside you, "excuse me, miss?"

"Yeah?" you didn't even bother raising your head, so it came out a little muffled.

"You've been sitting out here by yourself for a while, are you alright?" You heard a Chinese accent, so you assumed it was the manager coming to tell you to either buy something or beat it.

You lifted your head and laughed bitterly, "not really."

"Well, would you like to come inside and rest for a bit? Maybe have some noodles or-"

"I don't have any money…on my way here someone stole my wallet. On top of that, I don't have a place to stay…" you were venting to some stranger, but it was just too much to keep inside.

"I am so sorry to hear that…" he said, sympathy in his voice. He watched you looking miserable and disheveled. He bit his lip in thought, then after a moment, "miss?"

You turned to look at him and gasped, he was the person who helped you up before. You had only caught a glimpse of him earlier, but now that you really looked at him, you noted he was very handsome.

He was slender, with brown hair tied into a ponytail that hung over his left shoulder and he had beautiful brown, almond-shaped eyes that were full of concern. His face was flawless and he was wearing a red top with long sleeves, dark pants, white socks, and black slip-on shoes.

"It's you! You were the one who helped me before!" you stood up and grabbed his hand, shaking it, "thank you."

"Y-yes…" you released his hand and he continued, "Well, I was going to ask if you would like to come and work for me here at the restaurant while you stay in China. You may stay with me, if you would like."

Your mouth must have been wide enough to catch flies, not only was this guy you didn't even know was offering you a way to earn money, but a place to live, as well. This must have been a dream or a miracle or something.

You felt overwhelmed by the kindness this stranger was giving you. You tried to blink back the tears, but it was no use. It came out in short breaths, but you managed another "thank…you…" you tried to rub your tears away, but more kept taking their place.

He smiled and placed his hands on your shoulders. Before you knew it, you were in his arms. He whispered, "it will be alright," into your hair.

Clinging to him, you believed every word.


As he led you inside, it was around closing time. There were still a lot of people
finishing up their meals.

"Wow…you're still busy at this hour? But it's almost midnight!" your watch confirmed it.

"Well, not to brag, but Yao's World of Wok is very famous around these parts."

"Is that your name? Yao?"

"Oh, yes. I'm sorry, that is my first name. My full name is Wang Yao…and what is yours? "

"____," you said, blushing when he said it was a pretty name.

"Well, ____, many famous celebrities and politicians eat here. Even the emperor has eaten here," Yao smiled, proud of his business. He greeted every family at each table as they passed.


"Yes, and we have vending spaces at every national festival and other major events throughout the country. The Qixi festival is just around the corner and we will be working there, as well."

"The name alone sounds cool, I wish I could see it," you followed him through the kitchen and into another part of the building that resembled a house, obviously Yao and his family lived there.

"You will, you will come work with us, it starts on Friday. But this year, it will be very special, they will make the festival last for a whole week!"

"Oh, wow! How come?"

"I'm not really sure, but it was what the emperor wanted, so…but it will really make it the 'Double Seven' festival, although it still means 'Night of Sevens.'"

"I'm so excited…"

You saw a staircase that led to another level, but Yao walked past it. He walked down a hallway beside it and paused two doors down, "this is where you will stay. I hope you like it."

He opened the door and let you step inside. It was beautiful, adorned with elegant oriental décor and a bed with red covers that had Chinese calligraphy on them.

You turned back and hugged him, pressing your body against him, "thank you! Thank you so much, Yao!"

He returned the embrace, then slowly let you go. Yao sat on the bed and patted the spot next to him, so you sat down. "I am assuming you came to China alone, is that correct?"

"Yes, I saved money to come by myself. My parents thought I couldn't do it and that it was just a waste of time. I wanted to prove that I could do it. I had money for an apartment and for food and transportation, I even had enough money to return home whenever I wanted, but…"

"Right…well, that's behind you now! You're here and you have a place to stay, that's what matters," Yao's smile made you feel better.

"Yes…oh, and I was wondering, you've been so kind to me. What did you want me to do in return for all this?"

"Well, as I said, all I would like is for you will help out around the restaurant…can you cook?"

"I've never really tried," you said sheepishly.

"Then I can teach you. For now, I'll have you wait tables, how does that sound?"

"Great, thank you again," you blushed. You kept saying that, but you knew it would never
be enough.

"…Think nothing of it, Princess…" he smiled and took your hand, .

"My Niulang…" you said breathlessly.

You and Yao both started to lean into each other. Just as you we inches apart, you both froze, eyes wide. You both blinked then ripped apart from each other and turned away.

"Um…yeah, I think I'll go now and let you rest…you've…had a long day…" he got up and headed for the door.

"O-okay!" your face was flushed red.

He didn't dare look back at you, his face was red too, "the bathroom is the door next to the stairs and mine is the one on the other side of this one."

"Okay, thank you. See you in the morning!"

"Bye!" he bolted.

When you were each alone, you still had the same thought, 'What was that all about?!"
This is a request for :iconichigo-vainamoinen:

Chapter 1: You are Here~
Chapter 2: [link]
Chapter 3 (Lemon): [link]

First time writing for China, please bare with me :iconruncryplz:

I do not own China, Hetalia, the legend it's based on or the Image.

I just own the plot.

Keep Calm & Ai-Ya On~
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