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September 1, 2012
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Germany x Reader – No Regrets, Just Love

You sat on the olive-colored couch, sipping coke while watching the madness unfold before you. Arthur was unconscious on the floor, muttering about Alfred still needing him. And a very drunk Mathias went to find an unsuspecting Lukas, but didn't make it past the comatose Brit. And finally, Gilbert and Ludwig were still downing drinks at the homemade bar.

You still weren't quite sure how you ended up in Arthur's house in the first place, but then you remembered. Well, everyone had already made plans and they knew you were going to be home alone this weekend, so they had invited you to their little get-together. Although, you suspected their ulterior motive was to make you their personal designated driver. This irked you a little, but you let it go whenever you thought of how you were keeping them from getting into an accident.

Gilbert finally dropped ten minutes later. Ludwig tried to shake his brother awake, but the albino was out cold. He gave up and walked across the room over to plop down next to you. You watched him take a big gulp of more beer, "don't you think that's enough for one night?"

He brought the mug down and turned to you. You tried to back up as he leaned closer to you. When his face was a few inches from yours he said, "Hey, you look really pretty." You blinked away tears at the smell of his beer-ridden breath, "huh?"

"You aren't wearing any makeup right now, your face looks so much better without it…" he hiccupped.

You hadn't worn any makeup because they dragged you out of your house before you could get ready, so you were only in a loose shirt, jeans, and boots. You felt your face blush, remembering that he was drunk, 'he can't mean that…' you thought.    

When you looked back at Ludwig, he was squinting at his hand. "What's wrong?" you asked. "I have five fingers. I could have sworn I only had four, like those cartoon characters on that show Feliciano watched…with the yellow square-ish sponge…" You blinked at him, then burst out laughing, "Haha, yeah, you have five fingers. Good observation, Catherine Obvious…"

He pulled his intense gaze from his fascinating set of digits to look at you, "what?" "I said 'good observation, Catherine Obvious,'" you repeated. "'Catherine?'…It's 'Captain.'" "What?" He kept his gaze on you, "the phrase is 'thank you, Captain Obvious.'" You titled your head, "it's not Catherine?" Ludwig shook his head, "…who would Catherine be?" You pouted and crossed your arms, "Catherine could be a captain." He just chuckled, "you're funny, ____."

"Glad I could entertain you…" You felt him shift in the seat next to you. He got up and stood before you, hand extended to you. You looked from him to his hand and back, "…what…?" "Dance with me." You looked at him incredulously, "you wanna dance? Right now?" "Why not?" You couldn't come up with a reason why not, so you let him help you up. He walked over to Arthur's stereo and turned it on, a male cover of "Teenage Dream" emitted from the speakers.

He strode back to you, put your hands on his shoulders, and placed his on your waist. You followed his lead as he swayed you two back and forth. He started dancing faster and spun you a few times. The last time he did, your hand slipped from his and you landed on the couch. Ludwig rushed over to you, checking if you were hurt. You lifted your face and laughed loudly. He grinned and laughed with you.

You scooted over and he sat down next to you again. You were calming down when you felt a pressure on your thighs. You looked down and saw Ludwig's head in your lap. You blushed, his soft hair tickled you, "Ludwig?"

"Sorry, I was just having so much fun and couldn't resist. I'm not like this around other usually, but for some reason, I feel so comfortable around you…" he closed his eyes. You knew that was true, he was always so composed, it was nice to see one of his relaxed moments. "…not even Feli… … … … you know, for a while, I thought there was something between him and me…then I met someone else and started liking them…"

Your eyes widened at the string of confessions spouting from the German's mouth. But your heart hurt a little when he said he was interested in someone, "w-who is it?" He smiled, "I can't tell you, ____."

Ludwig sat up with a grunt and said, "Well, I think it's time we all go home, ja? It's pretty late." You were kinda bummed he dodged your question, but he was right. You helped him get Mathias and Gilbert in the car and even placed Arthur on the couch with a blanket.

You drove to Mathias's house first. Lukas opened the door, Emil behind him. They stepped aside and you two put the Dane inside. You returned to the car and drove to Ludwig's place. He picked up Gilbert and put him in his room. He came back up from the basement to say goodbye. "I had a lot fun tonight, ____." You smiled, "It was an interesting evening, but I did, too. Well, see you." He watched you head back to your car. You stopped before you got in and gave a quick wave.

You returned home round one in the morning. In your upstairs room, you were about to change when you heard a weird sound. You looked around and saw a pebble bounce off the window, "huh?" You walked over cautiously, parted the curtains, and peered down.        

From there you could see a figure on the lawn, slightly stumbling. It straightened itself and looked up. You gasped, it was Ludwig. His blush was still there and he was grinning like crazy. You opened the window, "Ludwig? What are you doing down there?" "I'm here for YOU, mein liebling!!" "Lud, you're drunk. You should be at home, sleeping it off- wait…what did you say?"

"I can't keep it to myself any longer!" Ludwig spread his arms wide, his voice echoed throughout the neighborhood. But that was not your main focus, you almost couldn't believe what was happening. While your mind was suffering mental overload, he had picked something off the ground and held it above his head.

{I think you're pretty, without any makeup on…I think you're funny, when you tell the punch line wrong…I know you get me, so I let my walls come down, down……}

You were pulled from your thoughts by a Ludwig's voice singing along to the music. The blood rushed to your cheeks and your heart skipped a beat. You flashed back to all those fun moments you had with Ludwig, it was the most fun you had in a long time. You felt so happy when you were together. You felt a droplet land on the back of your hand, you touched your face and felt the tears streaming down your face.

Ludwig's face blurred in your vision and you barely heard the music stop when you covered your face with your hands. There were soft crunches on the grass, then you heard the door opened by someone who knew where you kept your spare key. Then there were thumping steps running up the stairs and your door swung open. You turned around at the sound, but hadn't uncovered your face, you knew who it was.

Ludwig gently pried your hands from your face. Your hair was a little disheveled and your tear-stained face retained its flush. But to him, you were still perfect. He lifted your chin, so he could look into your eyes, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to offend you. I misunderstood your position in our rela-friendship. Please, ____, forgive me…" You saw nothing but love in those clear blue eyes.

You smiled and stood on your tip-toes, planting a kiss on the German's lips. He was too shocked to respond, his eyes wide. When you pulled back, you smirked, "who said I wanted to be 'just friends?'" Ludwig just stared.

Slowly, he donned his own smirk, "Oh? Then those were tears of…happiness?" You gave a slight nod. "Then I am glad…so that means…you will be meine?" his eyes sparkled. You chuckled at his enthusiasm, "ja...mmph!" Ludwig had smashed your lips together, kissing you with all his worth. Your eyes slid shut and you wrapped your arms around the blonde, pulling him closer.   

Unfortunately, you both needed to breathe. But right after you broke for air you felt a firm hand gripping your bottom. You let out a squeak when you felt it give you a rough squeeze. You looked up to him, surprised. You were met with a grin and Ludwig started kissing your neck, sucking and nibbling as he went. "…W-wait!" He lifted his head, fear on his face, "did I do something wrong?"

"No, no, it's not you at all. I just don't want us to go any further while you're still drunk."

He let out a sigh of relief, "Oh…ja, I can respect that." He looked disappointed, which made you feel guilty, "look, sleep it off, then in the morning, we can do whatever you want- if you're sober." He pouted a little, but nodded, "okay…but prepare to have some fun then." He wiggled his eyebrows and you had to laugh at the silliness of it.

Then Ludwig picked you up and carried you to your bed. He set you down and slid under the blankets next to you. You snuggled into his arms and he kissed your forehead. "Good night, Ludwig." "Good night, ____." That night you dreamed of your new life with Ludwig as your boyfriend, while he dreamed of the morning to come.
Sorry, Germany is VERY OOC when drunk! At least in my mind :icongermanyfacepalmplz:

This is part of my Drunk!Quartet series.
Some fics will be just country x reader, some might turn into country x reader x country, and if I feel like it- I'll make a Drunk!Quartet x reader XD

This is also my entry for :iconzutarafan4evea: 's Contest:

**Only the first part is for the contest, the 2nd part was a reward for 1000+ views and 100+ faves when I posted the first part**

This is the cover of Teenage Dream I listened to while writing

I don't own Hetalia, Germany, the image, Teenage Dream, or Victorious
(yes, the Catherine Obvious part was from Victorious.)

I just own the plot

Poor Germany :icongermanysleepingplz: He has to wait~ Kesesese

//EDIT//: Since this story has gotten 1,000+ views and 100+ faves in one day, I made a Part 2~

Part 1: You are Here <--
Part 2: [link]
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