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Vamp!Prussia x Reader  Until The Day I Die

"Until ze day I die…I shall alvays protect you, ____...zat is mein promise to you…"


A shadowed figure cupped the chin of a very beaten and bruised Gilbert.  Even though he was very sore, he tried to pull away from it, but was forced to look at them.

"I'll give you some time to think about it, Gil…" the horrible voice said mockingly sweet, "but remember you will belong to me eventually…" The figure let go of him and he dropped to the cold floor. And with that, the shadow left and he was alone.  

Gilbert pulled himself to his feet, wincing in pain. "Zat bitch…I hate her…" He started to limp out of the abandoned church, clutching his arm.

But by the time he got home, he was completely healed, though his clothes were still a mess. Inside his room, he took off his shirt and tossed it onto the messy bed.

He stopped in front of the mirror and tilted his head to examine his neck. There were two small red bite marks on the left side of it. They had stopped bleeding a while ago, but still stung a little when he ran his fingers across them.

"Tch," he turned away from his reflection, his face scrunched up in disgust. He would get her back, if it was the last thing he did. He decided to take a shower to wash any remnants of her off his body. After that, he plopped onto his bed and fell asleep.


*beep* *beep* *beep*

Your alarm greeted you by blaring on the night stand next to your bed. Your hand reached over and turned it off before you even opened your eyes.

With a groan, you sat up and stretched. You looked toward the clock, it read 6:00am. You dangled your legs over the edge and got out of bed.

You washed your face and quickly got dressed in your school uniform, which was a white shirt, a red plaid shirt, a black tie, black kneesocks, and white shoes. You ran a brush through your (hair color) hair, then headed for the kitchen.

Breakfast was quick and you after you finished, you made lunch for yourself and an extra plate for your next door neighbor.

She was old and sweet, and all her family lived far away, so you always got up early and took food to and chatted with her. When it was 8:00am, you had to leave so you could make it to school on time. You bid her a cheerful farewell before you were out the door.

Making it to school with ten minutes to spare, you sat down at your desk by the windows and your friends came over to talk. They took their own seats when the teacher walked in five minutes later.

When it was time to start, a boy with platinum blonde hair and red eyes walked in, hands in his pockets. "Nice of you to join us Mr. Beilschmidt," the teacher said, annoyed. The boy grinned and said, "Ja, ja! It must be zo nice for you to be graced vit ze Awesome presence of ze Awesome Me!!!"

"Just take your seat, Gilbert," the teacher said with a sigh. He took a seat near the door. Your friends in front of you giggled and whispered to each other, "he's SO weird!" "Yeah, talk about a walking freak show."

You couldn't help but disagree. In your mind, Gilbert was fascinating in every way- from his looks to his personality. Something about him made you want to get to know him. You had just never tried talking to him before.

He had a couple close friends who were a grade higher than you guys, so he always kept to himself in class.

Gilbert looked over at your friends, glaring, "if you haf somezing to say to me, say it to mein face, ja?"

That shut them up real fast. They just stared at him, mouths open. The teacher told everyone to calm down and he started class. You had almost every class with Gilbert, so you got to see him a lot.

You decided you needed to time it just right and strike up a conversation with the albino.

You were aiming for lunch, but before you got to him, his friends, Antonio and Francis, sat down on either side of him. Then your friends grabbed your arm and took you to the usual table. From then on, every time you tried to get close to him, you kept getting intercepted by something or someone. You were getting pretty fed up. You vowed before the end of school, you'd talk to him.

The last class of the day just ended and you still hadn't gotten any closer to your goal. Gilbert slung his bag over his shoulder and walked out of the room.

You jumped up, telling your friends you had something you had to do and bolted after him. You just caught a glimpse of his hair as he turned the corner.

You squeezed through the crowds of lingering students. You tailed him down a few different streets, sort of feeling half-spy, half-stalker, until he walked into a dark alleyway, 'what could he be doing in there?'  

You peeked around the corner and peered into the darkness, you saw him crouching over something. He picked it up and you saw what it was. It was a dark grey cat with a black, orange, and yellow ribbon around its neck. 'Aw, he has a cute cat,' you thought with a smile.

Your smile faded when you heard him whisper, "sorry," and he leaned toward the cat's neck. The cat struggled in his grasp, "look, Katze, I don't like zis anymore zan you. But I'm starving, I just vant a little taste…"  

'What?!?! He's going to eat that cat?!?!' your eyes widened, you couldn't let him to that to a helpless creature. "Stop!!" you shouted. The moment Gilbert turned his head, the cat broke free and ran past you.  

"Aw, he got avay…" Gilbert pouted. "Were you going to EAT that cat?!" He glared at you, "Nein, zat vould be cruel and unawesome. I just vanted a little sip of his blo-" he covered his mouth. "

'His blo-' what's that?...Wait, did you mean…his blood?!"

Gilbert looked away, "N-nein…"  You walked up to him, not believing you were about to ask, "…What are you?…Like some sort of…vampire?" He froze, "…H-haha. Do you hear yourself? You sound crazy…"

"Says the guy who was about to drink a cat's blood," you shot back. You reached a hand out to touch his face and turned it to look into his eyes, "…so, are you?"

Gilbert bit his lip, looking for a way out. After a while, he sighed, " Scheisse…vell, I guess it can't be helped…ja, I am…s-sort of…" "What do you mean 'sort of?' Are you a vampire or not?!"

He covered your mouth, "Shut up, do you vant somevon to hear you?!" he looked around, cautiously. He grabbed your hand and dragged you out of the ally, toward the other side of the building.

"Where are you taking me now?" He looked over his shoulder, "to mein apartment. Ve'll be safe zer." He led you into the building and up several flights of stairs. He let you in first, then closed the door behind himself.

You noticed that the apartment looked…well lived in. You turned back to him, he was staring at you, "…well?"

"Huh, oh ja…sorry, it's just been avhile since I've had somevon over…anyvay,  ja and nein I am a vampire- I'm sort of in between. You see, eine unawesome vampire bit me, but I refused to join her. I mean she freaking bit me, right? So, she beat me up and said I had time to zink it over. Now, I have similar attributes to a vampire, like super agility and strength, oversensetive hearing, sensing  ozer vampires, you get ze rest, ja? But I refuse to drink human blood, vhich vould turn me into eine full vampire. I never vant to become one of zem."

You tried to take this all in, "…so, you're not a real vampire yet, you're like a half-vampire…and you resort to drinking animal blood, so you won't hurt any people…?" He nodded. You put a hand to your head, "…wow…"

He looked at you seriously, "ja, but you can't tell anyvon, okay? People already zink I'm a veirdo, I don't need zem zinking zey are right. It's all I ask, ____."

You looked at him, surprised, "You know my name?"

He grinned, "hehe, ja, I know it. You are ze only awesome person I've seen, besides mein friends, of course."

You felt your face heat up a little, "thanks, and yeah I'll keep your secret. This is quite a unique situation, but I'm glad I got to meet you. Do your friends or family know?"

Gilbert said no about his friends, then winced at the mention of his family, "don't haf any family anymore…my parents died vhen I vas young and zat damn vampire had mein brudder killed when refused her…"

He pointed to a picture to a picture behind you, it was one of him and another boy, blonde with blue eyes. They were both smiling, with a beer in each hand. They looked so happy, you felt your eyes welling up. You turned back to him, "I'm so sorry…"

"H-hey, vhy are you crying?"

"…because…you've had to go through all this craziness…all by yourself…" His red eyes softened and he walked over to you. He brought his hands to your face and thumbed the tears away. Then he pulled you into a hug.

No one had ever cried for him. You rested your head against his chest, feeling like you belonged in his arms. "Zank you, ____," he whispered. You smiled against his chest.  

After you calmed down, you both sat on his bed. He offered you a drink, which you gratefully accepted. It was getting pretty dark, "hey, are your folks cool vit you being out late?"

You looked down at your lap, "Oh, no one's expecting me…I live alone…my parents past last year…"

"Oh, I'm sorry…" he looked guilty.  

You shook your head, "don't be, they're in a better place…at least, that's what I believe…" Gilbert patted your shoulder, which brought you great comfort. Neither one of you spoke for a moment, until an idea came to you.

"Hey, you wanna come and live with me?"

He did a double take, "huh?"

"Come and live with me…I mean we both live alone and we are going to become really good friends anyway, right?"

He tried to protest, "Nein, I couldn't become a burden to you-"

"I wouldn't offer if I didn't want you around," he blushed at that, "and there's plenty of room and food. And it's close to the school…it's up to you, but I hope you say yes…"

You pleaded with your best pout. Gilbert groaned, "o-okay…" You smiled. You didn't know that cute things were his weakness.

"Great! We can come back for your stuff after school. Just bring some pjs and your uniform and whatever else you want. Come on." He gathered his stuff and headed toward the door. You grabbed something off his nightstand before you joined him.

Gilbert glanced over at you as you two walked. You were smiling, happy you weren't going back to that lonely house alone anymore. And that Gilbert had trusted you with a big secret.
A request for an awesome girl named Sara!! I hope you like it~

It was gonna be a one-shot like most my others, but I had a longer plot idea than I planned, so it's gonna take some chapters

I don't own Hetlalia, Prussia, or the image I added.
I just own the plot

BTW: The image is very relavant to the story, so enjoy it~

Chapter 1: You are Here~
Chapter 2: [link]
Chapter 3: [link]
Chapter 4: Coming Soon!

Prussia thanks you for reading! Yay for awesomenss~!
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