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September 1, 2012
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Chapter 2

That night was quite an experience. You had just learned that Gilbert Beilschmidt, a boy you hardly knew from school, was a half-vampire and here he was now getting ready to move in with you. You didn't really care, letting the excitement from the circumstance take over.

You two stopped walking in front of a huge, two story house, with a big green lawn in front. "We're here," you said.

Gilbert gapped, "you live here?" "Yes, why?" "Nozing, it's just…wow…" You laughed, "Thanks? Hehe, come on." You pushed him toward the house.

Once inside, you gave him the grand tour. He was impressed with each room after the next. You laughed loudly when he stated that your home was practically a mansion. You never really noticed before- you had lived there your whole life.

He asked, "You're still in school, so, how do you pay for zis house?"

"I never had any siblings, so my parents left everything in their wills to me- their house, their money…It gets kinda lonely though, no one else lived here…until now," you smiled at him, with a light blush. His face turned pink, as well.

You finally led him to a room on the second floor, "this is my room," he peeked inside. You didn't really have anything to hide. It was decorated the way you liked.

"So, that's the house. You can have any room you want." You expected him to go back through all the rooms and chose one on the other side of the house. But he went right to the one across from yours and put his things down on the bed, "I vant zis one."

"Oh, okay, are you sure?"

"You vant me on ze ozer side of ze house?" he asked.

"No, I just didn't think-…anyway, that's fine, if you like it." Your heart beat a little faster, knowing he was going to be close by.

He was hanging his uniform in the closet when he heard a soft thud. He turned around and saw that you had placed something on the dresser. He walked up behind you and looked over your shoulder. His eyes went soft and he smiled a little. It was the picture of him and his brother, who was now gone.

You let out a gasp when you felt his arms around your waist, "Gilbert?" You froze when you felt his breath on your neck. Time seemed to stand still until you started squirming.


"…You-you're not going to bite me, right?" your face reddened at the idea.

He smirked and whispered right into your ear, "…only if you vant me to..." He let go of you and you put your hand to the cheek he had been by. When you turned around to say something back, he had fallen asleep on top of the bed covers.

You grabbed a comforter from the closet and put it on top of him, smiling when his face relaxed in his sleep.

"Good night, Gilbert. Sweet dreams," you walked over to your room and closed the door behind you. You changed into your pjs, brushed your teeth and went to bed.

Gilbert opened his eyes and got up. Then he walked to your door, opening it a crack. He saw the peaceful look on your face and his heart melted a little. "Gute Nacht, ____... Sweet dreams."

He closed the door and went back to his room. He took off his shirt and changed his pants then lay on the bed, staring at the ceiling.

He couldn't believe you had taken him into your home, without a second thought. Plus, he had just told you a secret he hadn't even told his best friends about yet.

'She's such an awesome girl…and she's really cute, too…' he thought to himself, flushing. He silently vowed that he would try extra hard not to mess this up.


The next morning, your alarm woke you up again, right at 6:00am. You got up, took a shower, and got dressed in your school uniform. Then you walked across the hall and knocked on Gilbert's door, "Gilbert, it's time to get up." You were answered with a snore.

ou giggled and knocked louder, "Gilbert, get up or else no breakfast."

You heard a thud, some shuffling, and then the door swung open to reveal the shirtless albino. You blushed as you stared at his well-toned muscles.

When you tore your eyes away finally, you looked up and saw his smirk. "Uh, breakfast will be done after you get ready."

You walked away quickly. Gilbert's smirk remained as he thought of how adorable you were when you blushed. You got both breakfasts ready and finished your neighbor's, then worked on two sets of lunches Gilbert came into the kitchen, "smells great."

You weren't sure what to make him at first, but you decided to try your hand at black pudding. You weren't sure how it would taste, you just hoped he'd like it. You also made some eggs, toast, and poured two glasses of orange juice.

"Oh, I love Blutwurst!! West used to make it all the time!" "West?" "Ja, mein little brudder from ze picture. His real name is Ludwig, but I called him West as a nickname. Und he called me East," he chuckled at the memory.

He sat down at the table and you set his plate down in front of him. You were going to put your plate on the other side, where you usually sat, when he said, "sit next to me."

You looked back at him. He turned away, "it's too far away over zer." He got up and pulled the chair next to him out a little and you sat down, "thanks."

You started eating and the pudding actually tasted pretty good. You were about to take another bite, when Gilbert exclaimed, "Zis is awesome!!"

"You like it?"

"Ja, ist really gut, zank you for making it."

"Well, I've never really made anything with blood in it before, but it wasn't too difficult. It's better than you trying to eat cats," you teased.

"Hey, hey! Zat isn't mein fault!" he protested.

You grinned, "ja, ja," you imitated his accent.

"Ha, you'd better vatch it, ____. Or I might just haf to bite zat pretty little neck of yours." You both laughed at that.

After some more light-hearted banter, he cleared the table. You put your lunch in your bag, then handed him his, which he took gratefully.

As you were heading in the direction away from school, he asked, "Hey, vhere are you going? School ist zat vay."

"I know. I just have to make a quick stop before we head there." You kept walking and he jogged to catch up to you. After you knocked on the door, it opened to reveal your elderly next door neighbor, "oh, hello _____!"

"Hi Mrs. Lambert, I brought you some breakfast!" you smiled at her. "Oh, my, you're always so thoughtful. Thank you, dear," she noticed Gilbert, who was standing awkwardly behind you, "Oh, who's this? Your boyfriend?"

You turned crimson and looked at Gilbert, who had his own blush, and quickly shook your head, "N-no, this is Gilbert, he's a friend from school…He's going to be living with me though. Gilbert, this is Mrs. Lambert."

A sly smile came to Mrs. Lambert's face, "Oooh, too bad…He's a real looker…" Gilbert's mouth hung open. You giggled.

"Say, don't you two have school today?" Gilbert looked at his watch, it read 8:15am. "Aw man, _____, we haf to leafe or ve are going to be late!"

"Then you'd better get going."

"Ja, it vas nice meeting you. Come on, _____!" You gave a quick wave before Gilbert took your hand and pulled you away. Mrs. Lambert lingered at the door for a moment, "ah, young love…" Then closed the door, but Gilbert's sensitive hearing picked that up before you were out of sight.

You got to the school and Gilbert finally let go of your hand. Your heart finally started to calm down, 'why does it always beat so fast when I'm near him?'

With a couple minutes to spare, Gilbert walked into class behind you. You were going to turn to him and say you made it in time, but stopped when you saw his face. You followed his gaze, he was looking from his seat to yours- they were on opposite sides of the room.

"Would you both take your seats?" the teacher said. He was never in a good mood. You moved toward the back of the class and sat in your seat by the windows. Gilbert sat down by the door and put his head in his hand, sulking.

The school day seemed to take forever and it got worse at lunch time. Your friends surrounded you, bombarding you with questions. "Since when do you hang out with the King of Un-Awesome?" You looked at them, each face screamed disapproval.

You took a bite of your sandwich, "Gilbert's really not as bad as you think. He's actually pretty nice and cool."

"You call him by his name?"

"Yeah…" they just kept frowning, "oh come on, you guys. You're being silly about this."

"Are we, ____? I'm telling you, something's not right about him..." You glanced over at Gilbert, who was sitting with his friends again.

Meanwhile, Gilbert had been enjoying the lunch you made him when Francis and Antonio rushed over to him. "So when, exactly, were you going to tell us you got a girlfriend?!" Francis crossed his arms.

Gilbert looked at them confused, "Vhat?"

"Oh ho ho, don't act so shy, mi amigo," Antonio slung an arm around the albino's shoulders.

Gilbert shook his head, "I'm not acting. I don't know vhat you're talking about."

"Of course, you do, she's right over there," Antonio pointed to you, talking to your friends.

Francis nearly fell out of his seat, "wow, she's really cute. You wouldn't mind sharing her, would you?"

Antonio grinned, pointing to himself "me, too."

Gilbert looked at each of them, freaking out, "N-nein!...She's not mein girlfriend…but you can't date her…eizer of you. I mean it."

They just stared at him for a moment, then Francis smiled, "you like her, don't you?"

"N-nein, vhy does everyvon zink zat…?" Gilbert fumed, blushing wildly. 'Because you make it so obvious…' Antonio and Francis thought.

After school, you and Gilbert walked to his apartment and got the rest of his things, his clothes and shoes, some more pictures of him and his family, a box he refused to let you look into, the beer he saved for special occasions, among other things. He didn't want you to carry all his stuff all the way to your house. So he used his super speed to take it all in two trips.

You waited on his bed while he was gone, humming a tune that got stuck in your head often. You took one last look around the bare room and something poking out from under the bed. You picked a picture of Gilbert and a really pretty girl. Before you got a good look at it, Gilbert came back and snatched it away from you, "vhat are you doing vit zat?!"

"I saw it under your bed..." you were surprised how worked up he seemed.

"Oh..." he looked at the picture.

"......She's really pretty..." you felt a pang in your heart when you asked, " she your girlfriend?"

"Nein...she's just a pain in mein ass..." he crumpled up the picture.

He opened the window and tossed it out, then turned back to you, "come on. Let's go home." You made it out the front door before Gilbert picked you up, bridal style. "What are you doing?!"

He grinned, "It'll be faster zis way. Hold on," and he was off. All you saw were blurs of color as you zipped by buildings and trees.

The wind whipped your face and you had to push your hair from your face. You glanced up at Gilbert, who looked calm as you two glided down the streets. Feeling safe in his arms, you leaned your head against his chest, your eyes slowly closing while you listened to his heartbeat.

When he stopped in front of the house, Gilbert noticed you had your eyes shut and called your name, softly. After not receiving a response, 'huh, she fell asleep…'

He opened the door and carried you up the stairs. He pulled your covers out enough to lie you down on the bed and covered you. He watched as your breathing came out deep and even, getting lost in his thoughts- about everything that had happened in his life and how it had gotten to this moment.

His thoughts were interrupted when you shifted in your sleep. He slipped to his room and changed into his pj pants then went downstairs to find some food. When Gilbert opened the door to the fridge, he noticed a Tupperware with a note on it.

"For Gilbert, so he won't have to resort to eating cats~" it read with your initials at the bottom.

He removed the note, "zat girl…" he said and grinned at it, before sticking it in his pocket. It was leftover black pudding from that morning. He put it on a plate, heated it up, then sat down at the table and ate it in silence.

Afterwards, he cleaned his dish and went up to his room. Before he went in, he took one last peek inside your room then went over to his own.

He laid down on his bed, arms behind his head, and shot a glance to the picture of him and his brother, "_____'s really somezing else, right, West?"

The picture said nothing back, but Prussia hadn't expected it to. He shifted so he was facing the door and fell asleep.
Chapter 2!!!!!
Now working on chapter 3~

I don't own Hetalia, Gilbert, the image.
Just owning the plot

Chapter 1: [link]
Chapter 2: You are Here~
Chapter 3: [link]
Chapter 4: Coming Soon!

Remember, awesome is spelled P-R-U-S-S-I-A!!!

I don't own Hetalia, Gilbert, the image.
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